By making a single entry of the

Proper Invoice Submission Date

PPA-Tracker will trigger the system to automatically generate
all related timelines, milestones and deadlines of

The Prompt Payment and Adjudication Process

Timelines & Deadlines

The flow of activities in this application are based on the timelines and milestones as stated in the Construction Act.

Program Capabilities

Create Projects

  • Create and edit projects
  • Add project sub-parties into the project profile
  • Assign Users and Viewers to operate and control the program
  • Option to archive or recover completed projects

Trigger Notifications

  • Flexibility to turn On or Off the notifications settings
  • Manage frequency of email notifications
  • Option to select activities and deadlines for reminder notifications

Upload Documents

  • Create Invoices and Claims folders
  • Upload, segregate and store documents related to project invoices and claims
  • Option to download stored folders and files

Create Invoices & Claims

  • Create and edit invoices and related claims
  • Option to create other miscellaneous claims
  • Any number of invoices and claims can be added and processed
  • Number of invoices and claims are limited by the subscription plan
  • Option to archive or recover completed invoices and claims

Monitor Timelines

  • Activity timelines are calculated and displayed based on the durations set by the Construction Act.
  • Single entry of the proper invoice submission date will trigger the system to automatically generate all related timelines and deadlines
  • View and manage Invoice and Claims timeline calendars and bar charts
  • Option to control and modify the applicability of timeline chart views

Track Deadlines

  • Track updates and changes of timeline activities
  • Monitor all activity actions in users, invoices and claims history files
  • Never miss a deadline by receiving timely notifications and monitoring the system calendars
  • View and print consolidated project invoices and claims deadline activity listings
  • Option to view and print all activity deadline listings consolidated for all the Enterprise Projects
Continually scale resource-leveling vectors without best-of-breed schemas. Assertively initiate backward-compatible
Start a project


  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Applicable for Single or Multiple Projects
  • Multi-users
  • Project Accounts
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Centralized Control

Templates for Different Users

  • Owners
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Sub-Subcontactors
  • Suppliers
  • Adjudicators
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Consultants


Before you are able to start using the Tool, the Enterprise Administrator has to register an enterprise account, select and secure the appropriate licence package, create a project or projects then assign the Users and Viewers.
Enterprise Admin has the overall authority over the operation and use of the Tool. Users are assigned to edit and update the data and activity details of their assigned projects. Viewers can only view the details and activities but are not able to edit or change any entries of the program. It is recommended to limit the number of Users in order to avoid duplication or random entries that might lead to erroneous timeline presentations, while any number of Viewers can be assigned within the limitations of the Licence Package. Viewers can be members of management, department heads or persons in position of following up and control.
Not at all, it is a “Click & Forget” tool, all what the user has to do is to enter the submission date of the proper invoice into the system, sit back and the system does the rest.
This is true if the submitted monthly invoice is approved and settled within 28 days. But if the invoice is partially or totally disputed, then the whole cycle of notices of non-payments, referrals to the adjudication process, resulting into changes to timelines and deadlines leading to over 18 timelines and deadlines that have to be edited, controlled and tracked. Even if there are no non-payments or adjudication, deadlines still need to be met for payments, which the user does not have to worry about because the system constantly reminds the end user of critical deadlines.
With the “Click & Forget” feature, the program will on the spot produce for you an overall “to-do” list that will allow you to plan and forecast your cash flow, advance plan your needs for additional resources and to mitigate any unforeseen surprises in meeting your timelines, milestones and operational deadlines.
Considering the number of monthly accumulated timelines, milestones and deadlines that have to be planned, tracked and executed, especially when the activities and tasks start to be overlapping, manual management and tracking will get to be complicated and confusing which will eventually require additional resources and person-hours to be spent for the purpose. PPA-Tracker with its “Click & Forget” feature will automatically produce all the required data and updates eliminating the need to resort for additional resources or person-hours including early avoidance of adjudication proceedings.
At the moment only Ontario is implementing the new Prompt Payment and Adjudication Regimes and the flow of activities in this application are based on the timelines and milestones that are in compliance with Ontario’s New Construction Act. When other provinces start implementing their own Regimes, a PPA-Tracker version related to each province’s laws will be made available.
Since the Program is cloud based, it can be accessed through but with limitations for the time being. Projects and enterprise calendar listings can be viewed that would serve as to-do charts. Development of full compatibility is currently in progress.

Licence Packages

Licence Packages Annual Fees Licence
Number of Users Number of Invoices Validity


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Technical Support

General Information

PPA Tracker is incompatible with IE. For a better experience use latest version of Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Edge


PPA Tracker is incompatible with IE. For a better experience use latest version of Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Edge